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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

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Meals on Wheels, or the delivery of the meals to your home, are available Monday through Friday and provided right to your table.

Who: If you wish to participate in the subsidized program, where a donation is requested rather than a cost, you will need to meet certain eligibility standards. We have three basic categories for the subsidized program:

  • Homebound, age 60 or older with no income restrictions or
  • Homebound, over age 18 with income restrictions.
  • The spouse or caregiver of someone 60 or older who is a participant may also be able to receive meals.
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If you or a loved one is dealing with a disability, chronic disease, or recuperating from surgery or illness; then the delivery of a hot tasty meal and a friendly smile could be of help. An inability to leave home without difficulty often means an inability to eat well for any number of reasons; besides helping meet a client’s basic nutritional needs, we also regularly provide additional services that help you maintain a safe and healthy life. During meal delivery, we provide what is best described as safety focus checks, where trained staff is familiar with the needs and the living environment of each participant. These safety checks make a difference in big ways following up in cases of unsafe or emergency conditions with your chosen contacts, and in small ways routinely helping with small home tasks like bringing in the mail. Through this program you will also receive holiday goods, additional items, newsletters, federal and state news, health information, and more.

Get Meals on Wheels Started: Please contact your local RNMOW location or the administrative office to see if the program is right for you. A trained local staff member will do an intake with you in your home regarding your eligibility. It’s an easy and friendly visit that can get you started on meals support for short term recuperation or long term health maintenance.

Suggested Donation from the Participants: $3.00 per meal is the suggested donation; participants may donate more than the suggested donation, or less based on their means. (Value of the meal is about $8.00.)


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Open Positions

We have a number of open positions at Meals on Wheels. Click on the 'Learn More' link below for more information.
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Won’t You Help Us?

There are many ways you can help including: volunteering at a site, donating to the program, donating items for clients, and so on.
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