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We are currently offering Home Delivery 5 days per week, Monday through Friday. We continue to follow best practices for safe food handling and meal delivery to protect both our Clients and Drivers. Our congregate locations remain closed for lunch until further notice. Please reach out to the admin office in Brentwood with any questions at 603-679-2201.
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    “Integrity & Dependability you can count on”

    When an individual is in need of a basic necessity such as food, they need that support now. That is why, RNMOW is proud to say, we have never had to wait-list people for meals.

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    “A Meal, Personal Contact, & Peace of Mind”

    RNMOW prides itself on being more than just a hot, nourishing meal. Safety checks provide each individual, their family, and their community “Peace of Mind” that someone is checking on the recipient regularly.

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    “Nourishing the Body & Soul”

    Meals on Wheels is about nourishing the whole person. Our program also focuses on ways to help nourish the spirit of the individual with social contact.

Rockingham Nutrition & Meals on Wheels

We provide nutritious meals and beneficial support services to older and disabled residents of Rockingham County who need assistance to help them preserve long term health, well-being, and independence. RNMOW is a registered 501(3)(c) private, nonprofit agency that was established in 1978.

Our Services

If you are homebound and unable to prepare your own meals we may be able to help with the delivery of a hot noon meal. We also have 12 dining centers throughout Rockingham County where seniors are welcome to come for a healthy meal, camaraderie, and miscellaneous activities. We also provide transportation in a few areas to the dining center and limited shopping and medical appointments trips.
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1 - Senior Luncheons

Senior Luncheons are available Monday through Friday at various locations. Our 12 dining locations throughout Rockingham County are great places to eat a healthy meal, get out of the house, be with your friends and peers, take part in other activities, or volunteer.
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2 - Transportation

Transportation for folks 60 and over is available in several towns in Rockingham County. We offer curb to curb on demand service for people who can no longer drive but are still very independent. All of our buses have an accessible lift. Also, this page contains Title VI information.
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3 - Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels, or the delivery of the meals to your home, are available Monday through Friday and provided right to your table.
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Our Locations

Each site offers a center for gathering, parties, socializing and lunch. The Meals on Wheels are packaged at these locations and delivered throughout the County.
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Our Mission

The Rockingham Nutrition and Meals on Wheels Program provides nutritious meals and beneficial support services to older and disabled residents of Rockingham County who need assistance to help them preserve long term health, well-being and independence.
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Our History

The Rockingham Nutrition and Meals on Wheels Program was founded in the fall of 1978. There were no Meals on Wheels. Thirty seven years later, we are serving in the range of 290,000 to 300,000 meals.
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Customer Comments

We are proud to help our community and support families throughout Rockingham Country with healthy, nutritious meals. We would like to share just a few of the comments we have received regarding our services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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To eat right on a regular basis, when doing so might not be something that is easily accomplished for a variety of reasons. Eating right is the building block of health. While doctor’s appointments, medications, and medical care are also important, eating right is critical. In fact, eating right is one of the most important things you can do for your health, for maintaining your independence and for caring for loved ones.
We spend a lot of our time putting together funding and funding requests from over 60 different sources each year to make these programs work. Some of the funding is federal and state, the rest must be raised locally through client donations, fundraising, local communities, Rockingham County, and more. What is particularly tricky is that the Federal/State reimbursement is a partial reimbursement per meal. They give us 50-60% of the real cost of the meal up to a limited number of meals. After that limit is reached we must find 100% of the meal cost.
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Food can be health or unhealthy. Our focus is on strengthening your health and independence, so we only provide food that is healthy. The meals are planned by a nutritionist with input from clients and staff. They meet 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowances and include an entrée, two servings of vegetables or fruits, bread, dessert, and milk. They are freshly prepared daily and follow menus that are low in sodium and sugar content. Feel free to make use of your favorite spices or seasonings to flavor to your taste. Nutritional analysis of the meals are available upon request.
We offer the following accommodations to help you meet your specific diet restrictions:

  • Diabetic restrictions – meals include 15 milligrams (or less) of sugar in the dessert and no more than three bread exchanges.
  • Lower sodium diet – menus are planned to be 1,200 milligrams (or less) of sodium. Gravies are necessary to help keep food hot and moist during transport to your home and are prepared with low sodium soup bases. When high sodium entrees, such as ham, are on the menu, an alternative lower sodium selection will be offered.
  • Ground or Pureed meals are available for those of you who have texture restrictions.
  • And, if you are following a heart healthy diet, we offer Cardiac meals, which are lower in fat, sodium, and sugar.
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If we are closed because of weather conditions that are dangerous to be driving, it will be announced on Channel 9 News. The announcement means Transportation Services, Senior Luncheons, and the Meals on Wheels are all cancelled.

Blizzard Bags Recipients of the Meals on Wheels program will also receive a call from us on the day we are closed to check on your safety. Please use one of the Blizzard Bag/Storm Packs we have provided you for that day. Replacement Blizzard Bags/Storm Packs are delivered shortly after a closing has occurred.
We deliver Monday through Friday. The program is closed on major federal holidays. If you are a participant of the Meals on Wheels program and feel you need frozen meals for these days, please contact your local Senior Luncheon center to discuss your eligibility for additional meals.
If you will be away for a medical appointment or other reason, and need to cancel your Meals on Wheels delivery, Transportation service, or Senior Luncheon reservation, please let us know as early as possible or at least 24 hours in advance.

To make a cancellation, call your local Senior Luncheon center or contact the administration office at (603) 679-2201. We want to be flexible, but we need to reduce wasting meals or rides. Especially for those of you who receive meals at home, when your deliverer does not find you at home, we become concerned for your safety and are required to take steps to verify your safety. So, please, make sure you notify us if you will be away.
We recommend that you eat your meal upon delivery, while it is hot. If you wish to eat it later in the day we recommend you refrigerate your meal promptly. Food left unrefrigerated for later could become unsafe to eat.
All RNMOW staff undergo a background check on their criminal, driving, and state register records. They are also screened during the hiring process. Your safety and well being are of great concern to us, and all attempts are made to not only assure your trust and safety, but also to employ professional caring employees whose utmost goal is to provide you with great friendly service.
There is no charge for receiving a meal. The suggested donation is $3.00 per meal. Donations from our participants play a crucial part in our ability to keep the program viable. So, please remember, whether more or less than the suggested donation, every penny makes a difference.

At our Senior Luncheon centers, donation envelopes are given out at every lunch. For our Meals On Wheels program, drivers will leave a donation envelope weekly and are required to pick it up by the end of the week, with or without a donation. Donations are anonymous so we ask that you contribute what you can.
There are many ways you can help including: volunteering at a site, donating to the program, donating items for clients, and so on. If you wish to volunteer please contact the Senior Luncheon Center that you wish to help out at. For other options. please contact the administration office at (603) 679-2201 or Email


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Open Positions

We have a number of open positions at Meals on Wheels. Click on the 'Learn More' link below for more information.
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Won’t You Help Us?

There are many ways you can help including: volunteering at a site, donating to the program, donating items for clients, and so on.
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