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Donating Goods

Donating Goods

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We are always looking for favors, or additional items to enhance our meal service. Favors are generally associated with the monthly special, which is designed around a major holiday or seasonal theme. It is great to have different groups contribute, from schoolchildren making cards, to girl and boy scouts making decorated bags, from a church group sending along warm scarves, a local farmer who donates fresh vegetables, or small pumpkins; and the list goes on. So every month we have a special, which means we need around 1,100 favors. However, if you have ten to give, we have a home for them. If you have 50 to give, we have a home for them. If you have 2,000 to give, we’ll find a home for them.

Besides favors, listed below are some ideas of donation items that are popular and useful:

  • Tissue boxes
  • Paper towels
  • Bottled water
  • Large print puzzle
  • Soduku books
  • Coffee donations
  • Tea donations
  • Flower donations
  • Stationery
  • Postage Stamps
  • Blankets
  • Hats, Mittens, and/or gloves
  • Flashlight w/batteries

A word about food donations - We must comply with strict nutritional guidelines, plus we must meet all state and federal guidelines regarding safe food. Therefore we have limitations on food we can pass along that is not generated by us. If you have a question regarding a food donation that you think would be appropriate for us, please call or email us at
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During the December holiday season we look for people to contribute to our Santa for Seniors Program. How it works: RNMOW will provide a few specific items that you can choose from to purchase for a person receiving Meals on Wheels. This program has a wonderful impact on our participants as there is a large number of them who would otherwise have no holiday celebration. The administrative office will give you a date for which the items would need to be delivered to our office. Arrangements can also be made for us to pick up purchases. The items are delivered to each participant around the dates of December 15 to December 25. It is a wonderful way to make sure people are remembered, and for some to make sure they have what they need. Plus it is fun for all!


To contribute, click on the DONATE button below:

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We have a number of open positions at Meals on Wheels. Click on the 'Learn More' link below for more information.
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Won’t You Help Us?

There are many ways you can help including: volunteering at a site, donating to the program, donating items for clients, and so on.
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